Staging sells properties faster and we provide professional results!

*. On average, a staged home goes under contract in 10.4 days.

*. This is 88% faster than without staging.

What staging can do for your home

*. Create visual appeal

*. Enhance a property's features

*. Bring warmth to a home

*. Steer the focus of a room

*. Make an empty room appear larger with adding furniture

*. Brighten dark rooms

What staging entails

*. Placing or rearranging furniture and or décor with the intent of pricing your home for optimal selling power

*. Transforming your home into something that reflects your personality

What we do

1. View your home to make our assessment. ($70.00 fee non-refundable).

2. Write up our proposal including recommendations and cost of job.

3. Discuss any changes to proposal until we come to an agreement.

      >. We require full payment before we start a job.
4. Pick the date for staging, allowing us 1 to 2 weeks to complete.

5. We recommend the real estate agent to get new professional pictures done after staging if it's there listing.

      >. If it's our listing, we use our professional photographer, at our own cost.

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