Buying a new home is all about the details!

1. Find a lender and get a pre-approval letter.

2. Choose a real estate agent and tell them the amount your approved for loan so we can start the searching process.

3. Start viewing homes in the areas you're interested in living and price range.

4. When you find a home you want to put an offer on, we will negotiate your offer with listing agent.

5. Once an agreement is met with both parties, the contract is then bound and set in motion.

      >. You will have 3 days to get your earnest money check to your agent so they can put in the office escrow account that will be held until closing day.

      >. You have 14 days to get all inspections done unless you need an extension. We will supply a list of reputable and insured inspectors that you may choose from or pick your own.

            >>. Some of the inspections you may want to get are home, termite and radon!!!!

6. Once the inspection reports are in, we can discuss how you want to proceed and talk about any concerns you may have.

       >. We negotiate repairs with a repair amendment.

7. Once an agreement is reached we then send contract to lender to start the loan process.

8. We coordinate with the title co. and lender to make sure our closing takes place on time with no problems.

9. We stay on top of the timelines and keep communication open with all parties as to the progress.

10. We will do the final walk through inspection the day before closing to be sure property is the same condition as last seen.

11. Go to closing.

12. Sign all papers and receive the keys to your new home!